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denver_legal's Journal

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Denver Legal - a Stargate AU
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Denver Legal is an open Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis AU loosely based on Boston Legal and inspired by the Magnificent Seven fandom. Why? Because James Spader was the original Daniel Jackson and they make Kirk jokes about John Sheppard all the time, of course. ;-)

Basically, the premise is this: all of our favorite characters either belong to or interact with the Denver-based civil and criminal law firm of Carter, Hammond & O'Neill. Here's the current cast list:

Senior Partners:
Jacob Carter (retired due to health reasons)
George Hammond
Jack O'Neill

Junior Partners:
Daniel Jackson
Samantha Carter (resident hussy who has slept with just about every man in or out of the firm except her father and brother--of course--and "Uncle" George *g*)
TC Murray
John Sheppard
Cameron Mitchell

Employees and Retainers:
Shari Alvarez (Daniel's secretary)
Jonas Quinn (paralegal)
Dr. Janet Fraiser (medical expert on retainer)
Dr. Carson Beckett (medical expert on retainer)
Dr. Carolyn Lam (medical expert on retainer with not-so-secret--to the firm--ties to a certain "unbiased" judge)
Dr. Rodney McKay (expert witness on retainer)
Dr. Radek Zalenka (expert witness on retainer)
Jennifer Hailey (intern)
Lucas Elliot (intern)
Michael Grogan (intern)
Kelly Grace Satterfield (intern)
Aiden Ford (intern)

Outside the firm, in the workplace:
Judge Elizabeth Weir (can't say no to John Sheppard)
Judge Hank Landry (finds it hard to be objective when his estranged daughter testifies)
Judge Catherine Littlefield
Judge Ernest Littlefield (Supreme Court judge and Catherine's husband)
Judge Norma Desala (judge with a vested interest in Atlantis Tech, a client)
Teyla Emmagen (public defender, Ryan Murray's lawyer)
Paul Davis (straight-shooting ADA with only one weakness: his not-so-closeted sexuality)
Isa Cohen (ADA having an affair with TC)
Martin Lantash (star attorney at Toker, Tollan and Nox--a rival firm--with a crush on Sam)
Rosa Jolinar (Marty's girlfriend and also employed by Toker, Tollan and Nox, possibly deceased)
Yuseffa Garshaw (lawyer at Toker, Tollan and Nox)
Anise Frey (pop psychologist on retainer with Toker, Tollan and Nox)
Harry Maybourne (senior partner at rival firm Maybourne, Makepeace, Coburn, Siler & Harriman)
Robert Makepeace (senior partner at Maybourne, Makepeace, Coburn, Siler & Harriman)
McKinley J. "Mac" Coburn (senior partner at Maybourne, Makepeace, Coburn, Siler & Harriman)
David "Sparky" Siler (senior partner at Maybourne, Makepeace, Coburn, Siler & Harriman)
Walter Norman Harriman (senior partner at Maybourne, Makepeace, Coburn, Siler & Harriman)
Yu Huang (owner of the Jade Emperor, client of M, M, C, S & H)
Albert Pophis (star attorney for the oldest, most unscrupulous firm in town: Gould & Associates)
Pete Shanahan (Denver PD cop, also sleeping with Sam)
Malcolm Barrett (Pete's partner and rival for Sam's affections)
Orlin Velona (CEO of Atlantis Tech, tries to woo Sam)
Chaya Sar (representative of Atlantis Tech, has a thing for Sheppard)
Peter Grodin (Weir's assistant)
Ronon Dex (ex-Federal Marshall turned Private Investigator)
Vala Maldoran (a cat burglar and frequent client of Daniel's who's always trying to get him in the sack)
Henry Hayes (mayor of Denver, who appointed Weir to her judgeship)

Friends and Family:
Mark Carter (Jacob's son and Sam's brother)
Selma Saroosh (Jacob's live-in lover, retired from TT&N)
Sarah Gardner (Daniel's paranoid schizophrenic ex-girlfriend...because you *know* he had to have one!)
Drea Murray (TC's ex-wife)
Shauna Murray (TC's wife)
Ryan Murray (TC's troubled son, the juvenile delinquent)
Ray Amendola (TC's mentor, a brilliant criminal lawyer, now retired)
Dr. Kieran (Jonas' foster father and mentor, now hospitalized with advanced Alzheimer's)
Dr. Velis (former professor of Jonas')
Dean Dreylock (dean at Jonas' former college who got him expelled)
Jose Alvarez (Shari's father, an illegal alien)
Salvador Alvarez (Shari's brother)
Halling Athosian II (Teyla's live-in boyfriend)
Halling "Jinto" Athosian III (Halling's son)

Pretty much everything else is open, and even relationships stated here can be altered if the participant feels so inclined. Het, slash, threesomes, orgies, you name it, we'll take it! Previous stories, icons, resources, etc. can be found in the memories, if you want to follow an established continuity, however you are equally welcome to create your own. :-)

Community staff:
azarsuerte - moderator
medie - moderator
butterflykiki - Denver consultant (she's a local!)

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