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Fic: First Encounter - Denver Legal - a Stargate AU

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April 30th, 2005

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04:10 pm - Fic: First Encounter
Title: First Encounter
Author: johnliz4ever
Rating: Anyone over 13 is welcome to read but be aware there is some colorful language
Pairing: John/Elizabeth,
Summery: John and Elizabeths’ first Encounter
Disclaimer: I don’t own it
Note: This is unbeta’d so any mistakes are my own.

John Sheppard sat at his new desk, in his new office, at his new Law Firm. Carter, Hammond & O'Neill was one of the most prestigious law firms in the state if not the country and John had just become a junior partner several weeks earlier. Since then he hadn’t been in court once, he was too busy trying to organise everything, but of course at the last minute Jack had to drop his case meaning Daniel needed a new co-council. Since none of the others were very willing to go up against the judge, (for some reason Jack and Daniel didn’t seem to be scared of her) John being the new boy had been thrown into the lions den.

There was a knock at the door, Daniel came in and leant against the doorframe.

“Come on, we’ve got to be in court in 30 minutes and our client is getting irritated”

The case, which John had only been able to skim the notes of, was something to do with, in all fairness he didn’t have a bloody clue but he was only co-council so Daniel would be doing all the work. The one thing he did know is that the Law Firm they were up against was Wraith & Co, which meant Jack wanted a win, he was not about to let that Law Firm get one over on him.

John picked up his papers and followed Daniel out of the office.


25 minutes later, they were in the courthouse going over their case. Daniel could see John was nervous; Daniel put down his papers and put his hand on Johns’ arm.

“Stop worrying, you are an excellent attorney. Jack wouldn’t have put you on this case if he thought otherwise.”

John nodded.

“I know, it’s just my future with the firm is laying in this case and I know it. Plus, Samantha said something about this judge being a bit of a bitch.”

Daniel shook his head.

“Samantha and Judge Weir don’t get along, it’s a well known fact they can’t stand each other. Elizabeth…Judge Weir…as one of the best reputations. She’s firm but fair, her reputation walks into the court room about 15 minutes before she does. That’s how good she is. You should be more worried about Wraith & Co; vampaires,every single one of them. They will try and bleed you dry”

John smiled; Daniel was going out of his way to lighten the mood.
Next to them their client reappeared and sat down next to John, Chaya Sar was an Atlantis Tech representative and the company was currently suing Steve and Bob Wraith, two bothers who, along with their company Wraith & Co, caused damages to the Atlantis Tech headquarters.

Chaya Sar was pretty enough and at any other time John would have been interested, but she was a client and he was as nervous as hell.

Peter Grodin walked into the room and moved over to his desk.

“All rise for the honourable Judge Elizabeth Weir”

Judge Elizabeth Weir walked into the courtroom and John surveyed her.
She was beautiful, a lot younger than he expected, her hair was a cross between brunette and red. He couldn’t see much of her body under the robes but he could imagine.

“Be seated”

Damn, she is hot

Daniel pulled at Johns’ jacket and whispered.

“John, for the love of God sit down”

John quickly sat down now noticing that everyone else was sitting.
Damn, that was going to be the one she remembered about him, he just knew it.


When court finally ended several hours later with a win for Cater, Hammond & O’Neill, Chaya Sar was so thrilled she offered to buy John and Daniel a drink. Both declined saying it wasn’t good policy to go out with clients.
Daniel, actually, wanted to go back to the office and drool over his secretary and John really wasn’t in the mood, the last thing he needed was Jack scolding him for going out with a client. In Johns’ case whenever he went out with a woman it always ended in one place. His bedroom, his couch, the back of his car, okay so it always ended in three places and he wanted to try and end that reputation.


Elizabeth sat in her office staring at the papers on her desk, but the papers that caught her eye were the ones she wanted rid of as quickly as possible. She picked them up and looked at them sighing, she put them back down on her desk, picked up a pen and placed the nib on the paper, she sighed again before quickly signing her name.
Peter came into her office and walked over to her desk.

“Judge Weir we have a 3pm hearing this afternoon and that’s it so…”

He saw she was looking slightly upset.

“Judge Weir are you okay?”

Elizabeth nodded before showing him the papers she’d just signed.

“They came this morning, I’m finally free.”

Peter looked at them, she’d been waiting for them for so long,

“So why are you upset? This is want you want. You wanted a divorce from the cheating scum of the Earth, he’s gone Elizabeth”

Despite being her CSO, he was also her friend. When she found out Simon was cheating on her she went straight to him. She wasn’t upset, she’d suspected for a long time that he was having affairs and she was just waiting for an excuse to get out of the suffocating marriage, but I didn’t mean she didn’t feel betrayed. He helped through the divorce and she was grateful but now she realised she was all alone, nobody there for her. It was a little sad.

“Yeah, yeah I guess you’re right.”


Elizabeth picked up her purse and papers and after saying goodnight to Peter she let her chambers and walked to her car.
Unknown to her, she was being followed, someone had seen her leave her chambers and walk to her car.
Elizabeth went into her purse for her keys dropping some of her papers in the process.


Opening her car door she dumped the rest of her papers in the drivers seat and started to pick up the ones she had dropped. The person who had been following her stepped out of the shadows.

“Do you need some help?”

The voice startled Elizabeth and she jumped back causing her to re-drop the papers.


The person bent down in front of her and smirked.

“Sorry, let me help”

The man helped her pick the papers back up and it was only when he looked back up at her she realised who he was. He had dark, rather matted hair, from what she could guess dark eyes and a nice smile.

“I’m John Sheppard.”

Elizabeth nodded.

“I know, you were in my courtroom today. You were the one who almost forgot to sit down.”

John smirked trying to cover up the fact that he was blushing.

“I’m never going to live that down am I?”

Elizabeth smirked

“Not in this lifetime. I’m Elizabeth Weir and if you’re John Sheppard it means that you are Jack O’Neill’s new lamb to the slaughter.”

John laughed, he’d heard the expression used before.

“Why do people use that expression? I’m curious”

Elizabeth smiled.

“It’s a long story”

John smirked.

“I have time and I also know there is a nice bar about a block from here.”

John knew it was a long shot but he couldn’t resist, she’d given him an opening and he was going to take it.
Elizabeth smiled. Was he hitting on her? What was it with the men in that Law Firm? Daniel, Jack and now John. But there was something different about John, he seemed like more fun, plus he didn’t know her, that could be interesting.
Elizabeth smiled.

“Why not, as long as there is no shoptalk.”

John smiled

“I think I can agree to that.”


30 minutes later they sat in a nearby bar, Elizabeth sipping red wine while John was sipping his beer.
Elizabeth had told him what the lamb to the slaughter expression represented. Apparently Jack had a nasty habit setting up a bogus client who was so obnoxious that if the knew attorney didn’t actually punch him they were welcome in the firm. When Elizabeth told him John nodded and said that it had already happened and it took all his self-control not to punch him.

“So tell me, why did you go to work for Carter, Hammond & O’Neill?”

John cleared his throat, he really didn’t talk about this but she’d find out eventually.

“I originally worked for my Dad’s Law Firm over in Boston. Let’s just say my father didn’t always approve of how I did business. Jack knew my mother back in Law School, I always knew he had a Law Firm down here and so I gave him a call. Anything was better then staying with my Dad’s firm.”

Elizabeth nodded.

“You’re Dad is Michael Sheppard? That’s amazing, I used to actually work in Boston with my husband…ex husband…before we moved down here to Denver. I once won a case against him.”

John smiled in shock.

“Talk about creepy. We were probably both in Boston at the same time.”

Elizabeth smiled and took another sip of her wine.

“So you were married?”

Elizabeth smiled.

“Technically I still am. I signed the papers today.”

John nodded and sighed

“So not a good day?”

Elizabeth smiled and put down her glass.

“It’s a bloody fantastic day. I’m glad it’s over.”

John smiled and was about to say something when someone came up behind him.

“What ya doing?”

John turned round and saw Jack.


His eyes scanned the doorway to see Daniel, Sam, Jonas, TC and many of the other attorneys from the firm walking him.


Jack nodded at Elizabeth.

“Judge Weir”

Elizabeth smiled at him.

“Jack, missed you in my courtroom today”

Jack sighed

“It was a sure thing and you know it. Anyway I needed to give pretty boy here some experience facing you since only Daniel and I have the guts to face you.”

Elizabeth smirked and looked over to John.

“Pretty Boy? “

John blushed and mumbled something she didn’t quite catch but decided not to ask him again.

“I better get going”

She stood up and Jack helped her put her coat on. She smiled at him in thanks and he went over and joined the rest of the firm. John stood up.

“I’ll to walk you back to your car”

She shook her head.

“No go join your friends. It’s only a block away. I’ll be fine”

John shook his head and grabbed his coat.

“And if something does happen to you I’ll feel horrible.”

Elizabeth nodded and the two of them walked back to her car.


Elizabeth opened her car door and turned back to John. She had only had a sip of her wine and figured she’d get home safely, plus she didn’t want to call a cab this late.

“Thank you John, you really helped me get my mind off how screwed up my life is.”

John smiled at the compliment.

“Anytime. We could go out for drinks tomorrow if you want”

Elizabeth shook her head and for a moment John felt wounded.

“I don’t think that’d be a good idea John. You are probably going to be in my courtroom a lot and I don’t want people to think my judgement is impaired. I have worked to hard to get a good reputation. And you just know your colleagues are speculating as we speak.”

John nodded.

“Yeah, you’re right. It wouldn’t be good for ever of us.”

Elizabeth kissed on the cheek.

“Good night John”

She stepped into her car and drove away.

“Good night Liz.”


John sat down next to Jack and downed the whiskey he’d just bought himself. Why was this hurting so much? There were hundreds of pretty woman in Denver, so why was it this one had him tied? The two of them watched as Samantha, Daniel, Jonas and Hammond played doubles snooker.

Jack sighed and put his arm around his young colleagues.

“Okay listen to me. Elizabeth Weir is probably the most beautiful and smartest woman ever to grace this fair planet but she is also a judge you will argue in front of. She’s doing you a favour. You can’t afford to have your reputation tarnished anymore. And Elizabeth had got judges throughout the state waiting for her to screw up. She can’t afford it.”

John nodded.

“I know; it’s just a shame though. She is the first woman I’ve had a connection with since coming to Denver. She understands me.”

Jack sighed

“I think you’ve had a little too much to drink. Come on I’m taking you home.”

John nodded and stumbled to his feet.


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Date:May 26th, 2005 04:16 pm (UTC)
OMG *John*

I'd like your universe of Stargate.

[User Picture]
Date:May 26th, 2005 05:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks, glad you like it
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Date:June 12th, 2005 12:39 am (UTC)
that was really good.
kinda sad but cool.
r u the same johnliz4ever from ff.net?
[User Picture]
Date:June 12th, 2005 08:49 am (UTC)
r u the same johnliz4ever from ff.net?

Yep, that's me.

that was really good.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

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