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Chance Encounter Part Deux - Denver Legal - a Stargate AU

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April 29th, 2005

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03:05 pm - Chance Encounter Part Deux
Title: A chance encounter, part 2
Author: Brandy
Fandom: Denver Legal AU


Peter walked along the hallway of the judicial court building going toward his boss’ office to tell her what the docket was for today. He couldn’t get Alex out of his mind, and he couldn’t believe he’d been so lucky. He stopped in his tracks; there she was, walking towards him. ‘Say something!’ his mind screamed, but his mouth could not form words.

“Hello,” he finally said.

“Hello, Peter,” Alex said, stopping in front of him. “It’s good to see you.”

“Good to see you too.”

“Judge Weir’s docket?” She guestured to the clipboard in his hand.

“Yes. Just another day at the office.”

“I’d love to stay and chat but…I’ve got to be before Judge Littlefield in about, oh,” she looked at her watch, “Three minutes.”

“I’ll let you go, then,” Peter said, clearing his throat.



“If you’re not too busy…”

“Can I give you a call later?”

“Sure,” Alex said, smiling and walking off. Peter walked towards Weir’s chambers, coming in and closing the door behind him.

“You have a busy docket today.”

“I always have a busy docket, Peter. How was your date last night?” Judge Elizabeth Weir said, pen in her hand looking over some paperwork for a case.

“Date?” Peter almost chocked on his words.

“With Ms. Collins?”

“How do you know about that?”

“John saw you two last night.”

“Oh. Well, uh…”

“I’ll take that as it went well.” She smiled.

“I’d rather not talk about it.”

“All right. What’s up first?”

“Patrick Donovan’s sentencing hearing.”

Elizabeth rubbed her forehead. “It’s always got to be the bad ones.”

“I could move it…”

“No, no. Let’s get it over with.”


Alex Collins sat in her office at Cater, Hammond and O’Neill, thumbing trhough case files and making notes on her legal pad when there was a knock on the door. “Come in.”

John Sheppard entered the office. “Lovely day today.” He was grinning from ear to ear.

“What are you so happy about?”

“Can’t I just be happy?”

“I guess…” Alex waved it off, concentrating on the files.



“How’d it go last night?”

“How did what go?”

“Your date with Grodin?”

“What date?”

“He asked you out right?”

“No, he asked me for drinks. I don’t consider that a date.”

“Well then, what do you consider it?”


“With someone you just met?’

“Are you cross-examining me counselor?”

“You’re avoiding answering.”

“I’m not avoiding anything.”

“Oh, come on, the way you two were making eye contact….”

“Did you come in here to harass me, or do you have something to tell me about one of my cases?”

“Judge Littlefield’s office called. He’s granting the continuance.”

“Good. That’ll give me a little more time.”

“Anything I can help with?”

“No, Pretty Boy, I’ve got it covered.” She smiled; she’d heard Jack use that nickname for him plenty of times and couldn’t resist a jab at him.

“I should be offended by that.”

“Why? Because it’s true?”

He thought about it. “On second thought, I really shouldn’t be offended. See you later, Alex.” He got up and walked out of the office, closing the door behind him and smirking.


Alex had just gotten back to her office from a conference with a client that had run over when her phone rang. “Alex Collins.”

“Yes, I know.” Peter smiled, knowing she couldn’t see it.

“Mr. Grodin, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Oh, just calling to confirm dinner tonight. That is, if you’re still free.”

“Barring some unforeseen catastrophe, yes, I’m still free. Where should we go?

“I was going to let you pick the place.”

“Uh, Sam’s Deli or The Underground Café?”

“The Underground has great food.”

“And a great bar.”

“Is that all you think about when choosing a place to eat?’

“I used to be a bartender, I know where the good bars are.”


“And The Underground’s got some good music. Their live performances aren’t bad, either.”

“True. I’ve been there a couple of times.”

“Well, then, I won’t have to order for you.” She smiled.



“Eight sounds good to me. Until then.”

“Hey, Peter…”


“John Sheppard saw us the other night.”

“I know.”


“Judge Weir ambushed me with it this morning.”

“John ambushed me with it this afternoon.”

“People are going to suspect something.”

“Naturally, because they’re nosy.”


“I think dating is an approproaite term for what we’re doing.”

“I agree.”

“But I don’t like people like Sheppard poking their noses in my business.”

“Me either.”

“I’ll meet you at eight then.”

“Can’t wait.”

“Me either.”


“Bye.” She hung up and smiled, leaning back in her chair. She had a feeling this might work out. Peter was—unlike most of the men she’d previously dated.


By the time eight o’clock rolled around, Alex was still in the office, trying to go home for the night. She had just shut down her computer when John stood in her doorway.

“Judge Littlefield wants us in his chambers.”


“I don’t know what it’s about; he just wants to see us.”

“Shit.” She rubbed her forehead. “Let me make a quick phone call.”

“Yeah.” John nodded and left.

She dialed Peter’s cell phone. “Hello?”

“Peter, it’s me. Something’s come up; Judge Littlefield wants John and me in his chambers. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, so if you wanna go back to your place or something that’s fine. No point in waiting there for me.”

“Are you sure?’

“I just don’t want to be a no-show, and have you waiting for hours.”

“I understand.”

“I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

“It’s fine. Go do your job.”

“Thanks. See you soon.” She hung up, feeling absolutely awful for having to do that. She’d been looking forward to seeing him tonight.


She got home a little around eleven. She closed and locked the door, kicking her shoes unceremoniously to the side, and slumped against the door for a few minutes. She eventually moved into the bedroom, changing from her suit into sweatpants and a t-shirt, and got under the covers. She picked up the phone and dialed Peter’s number.

“Hello?” He sounded a bit groggy.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?”

“No. I just dozed off in front of my television again.”

“I feel awful about tonight.”

“Alex, it’s not your fault. Don’t feel bad.”

“I was so looking forward to it.”

“Me too, maybe tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow’s not good for me. Judge Littlefield just verbally abused me, and now I’m on a deadline for this continuance he gave me. The ADA says he’s got new evidence.”

“He must be PMSing again.”

“Yeah. Listen…” She tried to stifle a yawn.

“You should go to sleep.”

“That’s what I was just about to say.”

“Whenever you get the chance, we can have that dinner.”

“Again, I’m sorry about tonight.”

“At least you called to say you weren’t coming. Most of my dates have usually been me getting stood up.”

“I really can’t believe that.”

“It’s true.”

“Well, I won’t be one of those women.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“I should let you go.”

“All right. Sweet dreams, Alex.”

“Thanks, Peter. Save some for yourself.” She hung up, and lay her head down on her pillow and drifted off to sleep.

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Date:April 30th, 2005 07:55 am (UTC)
I hope you're going to write some more because this is good.
Love Elizabeth and John ambushing them.
Can't wait for more.

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